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MyBB 1.8 Alpha do pobrania!
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11   26-04-2013, 17:20   
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Cytat:At present, we plan to introduce the following into MyBB 1.8:
New Default Theme
Front End Theme
Introduce a new front end default theme which bridges the gap in style/design between 1.x and 2.x. It should also introduce MyBB’s new branding and connect to other products & services MyBB will be offering (mods site, community forums). Will also include:
CSS buttons
PNG images
Sprite images
Fugue icons as replacement for FamFamFam
Attachable base colours (allows one theme to contain multiple colour types)
Jump To Page in pagination
Relative time (up to 1 hour, Today up to 24 hours, Yesterday up to 48 hours, exact date/time)
Back End (ACP) Theme
Introduce a new back end default theme to compliment the changes in the front end. Will also include:
Improved news feed and update notifications - we need people to know when security releases are announced
Replace CodePress; CodeMirror?
Stylesheet minification
Load stylesheets in a particular display order
Show plugins in two groups; inactive and active
Ability to create own template groups
Integrate Admin CP PIN
Banning improvements - ability to search for users, add Ban option to user menu, link to user front end profile
Conversion to jQuery
General Improvements
Add trim() to search users input
Change trim() in templates to rtrim()
Add ‘reported posts’ to ACP stats
Ability to prune PMs?
Full compatibility with CDN
A tool to rebuild reputation
In-built contact us form (replaces contact link)
A warnings class, rather than a crap load of functions
RESEARCH: Security questions for forgot password/change email/password (is 2-factor auth possible?)
Poll improvements; maximum votes per user; show poll end date publically
Copy/move posts to another thread
Ability to delete default help topics
RESEARCH: Can users see their own awaiting-approval posts?
RESEARCH: Multiple attachment upload? (jQuery?)
Improvements to custom profile fields in profile; hide if none?
If user is invisible & permissions disallow, hide all public data
Post reputation should include thread subject
Remove Avatar Gallery; integrate Gravatar
Delete post on full edit should not show if no permission to delete
Should be no hard-coded HTML
Add the option to stick/unstuck threads to custom tools
Custom mod tools to have option to send PM to a thread author?
Users cannot rate their own posts
format_avatar() function
Allowable avatar upload extensions
CAPTCHA options (clean up reCAPTCHA method)
Preview Announcements
Minimum post length to exclude MyCode
IPv6 Features (log all ‘locked out’ instances)
APC cache handler
Login handler
Soft Delete
$cache->delete method
is_member() function
delete_user() function
User activation method
IP addresses in PMs
Receive mail when user is activated
Don't ask for validation if email verification is disabled
Slow reply posting in long threads
Report Centre
Group reports together rather than separate reports (more reports should be higher in list; priority)
Ability to report different content types
”Spam Ninja”
Integrate goodbye spammer
Check new members against SFS
Report profiles for spam

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12   26-04-2013, 18:05   
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Nieźle 4
Bartek M

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13   12-05-2013, 13:48   
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Mógłby ktoś zapodać screena, bo niestety nie mam możliwości wgrania tego na jakikolwiek serwer bądź na localhosta 1

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14   17-05-2013, 21:18   
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Wpisz sobie w "MyBB 1.8"

BTW, wie ktoś czego zablokowali to live demo?

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15   17-05-2013, 21:21   
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Patrzajcie: Demo MyBB 1.7 2

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16   17-06-2013, 18:58   
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A kiedy może wyjść tak na oczko pełna wersja tego silniczka ? 1
I będzie darmowy czy płatny? 2

Reputacja: 267

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17   17-06-2013, 19:55   
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Premiera nie jest jeszcze znana (osobiście myślę, że będzie to jeszcze w tym roku), a skrypt oczywiście będzie darmowy 1

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18   04-10-2013, 19:53   
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Tak sobie to wygląda moim zdaniem. 11

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